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Robb Report online #editorials 2014-07

The latest innovation from the Italian jeweler Mattia Cielo, known for using unorthodox materials combined with 18-karat gold in striking designs, is the Vulcano collection, which includes pieces made with carbon fiber. The lightweight material, which is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries, allows for large, sculptural, designs that are not too heavy. The …
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Four Seasons Magazine 2013-12 #editorials

Must-Have Modern Pearl Jewellery Chanel, Crevoshay, Renee Lewis – top designers are putting an irresistibly contemporary spin on this classic gem. A twinset and pearls may be the classic combination, but pearl jewellery can be fashion-forward, too. Contemporary designers are following in the footsteps of jewellers like Friedrich Becker, who in the early 1960s began …
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TheJewelryIcon.com 2014-04

From TheJeweleryIcon.com 29/04/2014 Editorial: Futuristic World, Mattia Cielo. http://www.thejewelryicon.com/jewelry-now/designers/futuristic-jewelry-world-of-mattia-cielo/12903/ Interview: http://www.thejewelryicon.com/jewelry-now/interview-mattia-cielo/12880/ We’ve spoken with with Mattia Cielo, the “Sky Man” behind the Mattia Cielo brand. He and Max Bonoli are responsible for the brand’s very futuristic, modern jewelry. It pushes the boundaries of design and opens up new possibilities. Incorporating ideas from aerospace to micromechanics, they …
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