The cornerstones of Mattia Cielo’s philosophy

A fusion of technology and tradition. Combining the latest technology with centuries of goldsmithing craftsmanship, Mattia Cielo’s moving jewels are a hybrid fusion of innovative design and high jewellery.

The concept and values insipiring
every jewel

The perfect fusion of minimalism and sophistication. Combining ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology with the highest standards in goldsmithing, Mattia Cielo joins tradition and innovation to create exquisitely crafted jewels.

The heart of Mattia Cielo’s essence.

Fluid designs that adapt to you. Flexibility is a quintessential element of all Mattia Cielo


An essential need, just like freedom.

"Quietly powerfull, light as a feather" -that’s Mattia Cielo’s mantra. His weightless designs are an ode to freedom: wear them and forget them